Double Column CNC Machining Centers

Double Column CNC Machining Centers

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Double Column CNC Machining Centers


  • Two stage speed reducing in main drive, large output torque.
  • They also consist of three axes double-nut ball screw drive, which are pre-tensioned.
  • X-axis utilizes complete auxiliary support, in order to negate the effect of bend.
  • X-axis uses linear guide ways. Table baring capacity is strong. Y-axis uses steel inlaid guide ways and adopts unloading mechanism to form rolling and sliding combined guide way pair that can reduce sliding friction and raise positioning accuracy and repeatability. Z-axis adopts full closed type enciecled sliding guide ways that is cats iron plastic guide way pair taht has a good vibration absorbing ability. It ensures stable cutting and is especially suitable for brute force cutting large hole boring and five side machining with angle head.

Travel (mm): X-6200/ Y-3200/ Z-1250

Distance between colums :3200mm